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What We Do

Brands cant afford to wing it when it comes to social media anymore. But It takes two to tango. Social media marketing is exactly what its name suggests: To Advice on the use of your business’s social accounts with the intent to market and grow your business. While social media management focuses more on the Management of social media accounts.

Facebook Advertising & Management Services

We offer Full Service Social Media Consultancy and Management packages to drive sales from your social media platform.

Digital Marketing Consultancy

Advising brands on how to use digital marketing channels effectively as a tool and medium for communication and detailed targetting.

Content Writing & Graphic Design

Creating and publishing great content and graphics on your social media profiles to ensure your audience knows what they're signing up for, and more importantly, why.

Social Care

Listening to and engaging your followers.

Facebook Advertising

Helping businesses generate quality leads by improving their Facebook Ad targetting.

Analytics & Reporting

To determine whether an ad really killed it or not we used a set of criteria. We looked at the following: Did they utilize a unique messaging approach? Was the campaign creative done remarkably well? Did the brand meet their goals with the campaign? Did the brand had hard numbers to back up the success of the campaign?

Custom Social Media Design

For businesses looking to enhance their presence or upgrade their LOOK on Facebook, IG YouTube, company blog, and more. We offer custom social media design consistent brand.